The New Rules of Management

The key to success in business today isn’t inspired leadership, brilliant marketing, efficient systems or great cultures – it’s the implementation of projects that matter. Even the best ideas, projects and objectives mean nothing until they are executed.

In this guide to management in the 21st century, successful entrepreneur and international thought leader Peter Cook demonstrates that implementation is the lifeblood of innovation. It’s the spirit that motivates individuals and teams, and the fuel that drives productivity.

The New Rules of Management will show you how to:

  • become an implementation ninja and master projects that matter
  • turn innovative ideas into profitable projects
  • lead inspired, engaged teams that people want to be part of
  • transform your personal productivity, success and fulfillment
  • create an implementation culture within your organisation

The game of management has changed and to win the game we need to play by the new rules.


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Sample Chapter

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About Pete

Peter is a thought leader who is passionate about helping people get more money, more time and more meaning.

He is a master business coach, mentor, serial entrepreneur, best-selling author and a warm and engaging presenter.

Peter has over 15 years experience as a consultant and business coach working with hundreds of businesses from one-man startups to some of the biggest companies in the world. Peter runs programs across Australia, New Zealand, Asia and the US to help thought leaders, business leaders and every day people achieve business and financial mastery.

Peter is a smart cookie, so-to-speak. He holds a Masters of Business in Organisational Change, a Bachelor of Science in Advanced Physics, a Bachelor of Laws with Honours, and a Diploma in Financial Services. Most importantly, Peter achieved 100% for mathematics in his High School Certificate.

He is happily married to his gorgeous wife Trish and they have just welcomed their first daughter Scarlett into the family.

Peter also believes strongly in giving back to the community. He is the president of Buoyancy, a not-for-profit in the drug and alcohol area, and is leading a team that has raised $300k over 5 years to end hunger for a group of villages in Senegal, West Africa. He has a second dan black belt in Aikido (so don’t mess with him!) and is an Olympic-level down hill skier trapped in an average skier’s body.

The Word From Pete

Read Pete's regularly thought-provoking posts at his blog, The Word From Pete.


Peter speaks at conferences and consults to organisations about the art of implementation, and some other cool stuff. Here are three of his most popular presentations.

Projects That Matter

There is no magic bullet that can help your organisations be successful, your teams rock and you be personally fulfilled. But if there were a magic bullet, it would be implementing projects that matter, creating and executing the projects that make a difference. Pete explains why there is nothing more important than our projects, why we find them so hard, and what to do about.

Implementing Innovation

Creativity doesn’t end with a great idea… in fact that’s just the start of the process. It’s what we do with those ideas that separates the truly innovative companies from the rest. Pete teaches the structures, the culture and the mindset required to go from inspiration to profit.

21st Century Sales

The game has changed, prospects and customers have transformed, sales ain't what it used to be, and sales teams need to learn the rules of sales in the 21st century. Pete shares why the first sale is always to you, why it's more important that you choose your customers than the other way around, and how to thrive in the new sales paradigm.

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